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Several Wise Steps on the Way to Your next WAH Job

Posted By Madeline Dickson, Sunday, November 13, 2016
Updated: Sunday, November 13, 2016

More and more WAH networkers meet and share employment and career whir on numerous online media including discussion boards, email, social platforms, chats, and blogs.

The online community of WAH job hunt exuberates with valuable advice and great people. It is also full of half-truths, unexpected social predators or scammers who are seeking to cash in on people.

Stick to these guidelines to get the most from your networking and stay on the safe side:

Participate Only in Reputable Communities

Search for an online group concentrated around a particular affinity, be it your occupation, industry, alma mater, city or former workplace. Sign up to any potential membership community you might have even slightest relations with.

Be the Center of a Group

A number of your best contacts can be former colleagues at a mini startup that failed for some reason. Form a team together with them. Perhaps your college, school or academy used to have alumni groups, some may be not active. Do make them running yourself with the help of a relevant online platform, e-zine, newsletter or chat. Though commit prior to kicking off. It requires much effort, time and energy to make things successful.

Take Part in Webinars and Seminars Regularly

Seminars are perfect opportunity to communicate and connect with like-minded people all over the world who are excited about your subject matter.

Weave a Large Web

To find useful but lost connections who do not show up anymore employ your best detective skills searching Google, Superpages, Facebook and other available osint tools.

Connect Wisely

If you cast unsolicited message to a potential contact, you may often end up like a typical spammer whose emails go straight to the recycle bin. To avoid it, specify the name of a mutual friend or acquaintance in the subject line. Try mentioning a very specific topic of interest to make it catchy.


Once you request your community to help you, take a step and do something for them too. Whenever possible, provide assistance, advice or any other help to any person in your groups. Something good is sure to come back to you.


Safety Tips


Do Not Overshare

Always keep your private information and most importantly personally identifying data to your own self before you have a proper reason to trust your acquaintance. Even a single piece of information be it a phone number or first name may completely ruin your privacy and sometimes security. Take precautions sending out your CV that usually has your PII inside.

Observe What You Post About

The things you say and publish online are going to stay there for years. Search engines may retrieve them even from the deepest corner of the Internet. It is possible to put at risk your fair name by careless boss trashing.

Offline Safety

Be cautious about in-person meetings with folks you have just met online. In case you need to meet face-to-face, do it in crowded public places.

Create a Secure Email Account

Set up an additional email address for networking purposes only. Consider selecting an online nick which is absolutely unconnected to your real persona.

Spread Creative Ideas, Not Malware

The single thing more harmful to your credibility than spamming the globe is helping a computer virus to infect every person in your address book. Watch for different types of malware in email attachments and links, click mindfully. Always patch your computer system and update antivirus and other software.

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